Canadian Plant Hardiness Zones

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It is extremely important to make sure the fruit trees you are looking to purchase are adequate for the plant hardiness zone you live in. Below is a useful map by Natural Resources Canada illustrating the zones countrywide.

Depending on the type of fruit you are looking to grow, the allowed zone would change. We recommend the following zones for these fruits: Apple trees will fare well down to zone 4 – 5. 

only some varieties and conditions will make it to zone 4.

  • Pear trees will also fare well down to zone 5.
  • Plums of the European varieties will fare well down to zone 5. Plums of Japanese varieties will fare well down to zone 6.
  • Nectarines will fare well down to zone 6.
  • Peaches will fare well in zones 6-7.
  • Apricots will only fare well in warm climates, zone 7.

These are suggestions based on our many years of experience growing fruit trees, there are numerous factors that can affect whether your fruit tree will make it through the winter. Site selection, soil conditions, wind cover, pest control, and amount of previous crop all play a role in the stress of the tree during winter. If you have any questions regarding proper planting and general care of your fruit tree, please visit our planting guide for some helpful tips.