Dygall® is an inoculant for the control of crown gall on nursery plants. When Dygall® directions on the label are followed, this material should provide a safe, natural and inexpensive but efficient, method of preventing a troublesome disease on many susceptible plants by simply immersing plants in a suspension of Dygall® and letting nature take its course. Gall formation can disrupt the plant’s food and water conducting tissue causing infected young plants to become stunned and grow poorly. On older trees the galls can also serve as entry points for secondary wood rots which weaken the trees. Dygall® is a preventative for crown gall and should be applied to susceptible plants before exposure to the disease or final field placements as it will not control existing infections.

Upper Canada Growers LTD (19)
At J.C. Bakker and Sons we have been successfully using Dygall for many years. We are one of Canada’s largest producers of roses. Applying Dygall to our rose seedlings prior to planting has greatly reduced occurrences of crown gall in our production. I highly recommend this product for use on susceptible host plants. - John Bakker, St.Catharines, ON
At Corn Hill Nursery Ltd we were having an increased incidence of crown gall in our apples. We decided to try Dygall as a dip before planting. The crops treated with Dygall were virtually free of crown gall. We now use Dygall as a regular part of our planting procedure and would not consider planting without it. - Bob Osborne, Corn Hill, NB.
At Pépinière Ancestrale, we are aware of the risk of contamination of certain bacteria that may have serious consequences on fruit trees and shrubs that we produce. For biocontrol we use Dygall to prevent gall and avoid the spread of this bacterium on our fruit and our soil. Dygall has proven to be additional insurance for our customers! - Marianne Baril, St. Julien, QC.


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